Liverpool Community College 5 a-side football tournament, with Hampson Hughes Solicitors

Hampson Hughes Solicitors are proud to be supporting students & tutors at Liverpool Community College with their Charity 5 a-side football tournament event taking place on 10th April 2013.
The tournament is taking place to help raise money for the charity Everton in the Community, and Hampson Hughes Solicitors caught up with the 8 business studies students from Liverpool Community College who’s idea it was originally to put on what is planned to be a fantastic event.

James Lao, Tom Pollitt, Reuben Beresford, Joe Farrelly, Ahmed Ally, Liam Crowder, Muhammed Apaydin & Nathan Roche have worked together as team, and with the guidance of their college tutors, to plan and organise the 10th April event which we at Hampson Hughes Solicitors are very much looking forward to taking part in too!

We asked the students a few questions about their event, and why they approached Hampson Hughes Solicitors to come on board as sponsors.

What is the reason behind organising this event?

It is to help raise money for Everton in the Community and meet their objective of helping the local people of Liverpool and its surrounding areas to better themselves through the power of sport.

Which charity have you chosen to support through the event, and why?

The charity that we chose to support is Everton in the Community, and this is because they have great links with Liverpool Community College.
We believe that by choosing this charity it will strengthen our partnership, as well as promoting EITC’s aims and objectives across Liverpool and neighbouring regions.

What is the fundraising target for the event?

We are hoping to raise around £1,500 via donations, sponsorships and entry fees.

How many teams can get involved?

6 teams in total

How can people register a 5 a-side team into the event?

To register to take part, of for further information regarding the event, you can email
Please be aware that team registration spaces are limited!

What was it about Hampson Hughes Solicitors that made you approach them to come on board as sponsors of the event?

We approached Hampson Hughes Solicitors to sponsor our event because they are an award winning firm of national solicitors who are based in Liverpool. We know from speaking to representatives from Hampson Hughes Solicitors that they have a highly experienced team of solicitors who work tirelessly to get the right results for their clients.
With staff who have over 200 years’ worth of combined knowledge of law, they are continuously expanding their services across the country.

The Marketing Department at Hampson Hughes Solicitors are hardworking, and have experience of event planning & management – we know the Firm is completely committed to helping Liverpool Community College during our event with all proceeds going to a worth and charitable cause.